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Stratec® Grids are used in similar situations to geotextiles. The structure of the grids being manufactured with large apertures allows the larger stone to lock into these providing far superior slip plane resistance.

Geogrids may be either extruded, woven or bonded.

Extruded grids are fl at structures made from high density polyethylene or polypropylene that are extruded then stretched in either one or two directions (mono or bi directional) mono orientated grids are normally used for retention of embankments etc due to their superior strength in the one direction and bio oriented grids are for oversite applications where the strength is needed in both directions.

Woven geogrids are flat structures which are made of coated synthetic fibres made from usually polyester they are used for their flexibility. Bonded geogrids are manufactured to high specification and are mechanically welded at the junctions to provide a semi rigid product.